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Each of our training programs begins with a meeting between you and a member of our team.  This gives us a chance to discuss your goals and challenges so we can outline the best approach for your training your dog.

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Good Mojo Dog Manor was founded by professional dog trainers with years of experience training dogs and puppies of all kinds. Our training facility is filled with the equipment and tools for a perfect learning environment and staffed by passionate, highly-trained team members. One of the things we love most about dogs is how each one is a unique individual! We keep this in mind when it comes to your dog’s training, too. Every training program begins with a thorough discussion and assessment of your individual challenges and training goals. Then, we consider your dog’s breed and personality to customize the training program they’ll learn from (and love!) most.

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Our Dog Training Programs

Stay & Train

Our most popular dog training programs are our Stay & Train overnight camps. These all-inclusive training camps include:

  • Nightly lodging in our climate-controlled accommodations, complete with round-the-clock supervision and care
  • Multiple one-on-one training classes each day
  • Daily playtime and exercise with a group or with a caregiver
  • Resources to take home including exercises and reference materials
  • Private lessons at the end of the program to show you what your dog has learned during their puppy classes and how to maintain their skills at home
  • Phone support from our training team to ensure your dog’s skills continue to remain and develop

What makes our Stay & Train programs so special is the consistent, structured training environment. While you’re traveling for work or vacation, your dog enjoys training on a consistent routine in a focused setting. With more practice and exposure to our trainers in a compact amount of time, your puppy will come home with lots of new knowledge—that lasts a lifetime!

Play & Train Programs

If you prefer the idea of a “day school for dogs,” Play & Train could be the right obedience training program for you. While your dog plays and exercises in our doggie daycare, they’ll break for several training sessions throughout the day. This balance of play and learning keeps your dog focused while they also have tons of fun!

Play & Train includes:

  • A day of fun social or personal play in our doggie daycare program
  • Customized dog training sessions between playtimes
  • A private, climate-controlled room to rest and recharge
  • Package options available!
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Why Enroll in Professional DOG Training?

If you’re not sure your dog would benefit from professional training, consider these important facts.

  1. We have decades of experience in canine behavior and communication. Our training team has seen it all—all breeds, ages, issues, and goals. We use only positive training methods proven to work, and we approach your dog as an individual with a program built especially for him or her. Because we’re so experienced, we’re able to adjust our approach on the fly to determine exactly what your dog responds to best.
  2. We have the tools for a complete dog training experience. Training in a sterile environment may introduce your pet to common skills and manners, but it’s nothing like the real world. In our training center, we introduce distractions, new challenges, and multiple trainers to increase your dog’s focus.
  3. Every breed and age can be trained. There’s no such thing as a dog that’s too old to learn. Yes—starting puppy training gives dogs the best foundation. Our puppy classes teach your dog the right behavior from a young age. The proper amount of consistency will produce results in adult (and even senior) dogs.
  4. Our programs come with invaluable resources and tools long after you leave our training center. Each of our training options includes ongoing support with a training expert to help you reinforce and improve upon your dog’s behavior at home. That’s in addition to our favorite training tips & tricks, at-home exercises, and other references for your use well beyond the program.

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