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Our experienced and talented grooming team can’t wait to pamper and beautify your pet. Visit us for full-service grooming or a simple spruce-up. We even have a complete menu of specialty spa services.

Grooming & Spa Services

  • Full-service haircuts
  • Basic and premium bath packages
  • Nail trims (and polish!)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Skunk/flea/tick treatments
  • And more!

Pet Health & Your Groomer

Regular visits to a professional groomer provide quality health benefits in addition to a lovely and relaxed pet.

Healthy skin & coat. While ordinary brushing at home is an important part of coat maintenance, it’s often not enough. Our professional grooming tools are designed to loosen hair and dirt from the innermost layers of your dog’s fur, leaving the coat lighter, healthier, and cleaner. This is a critical part of your pet’s skin and coat health, preventing irritation and painful mats from forming.

Reduces shedding. Our thorough washing and brushing process ensures trapped hair and debris go in the bottom of our tubs, not in your house. Dogs of all breeds benefit from a good brush-out, and your clothes and furniture will thank you.

Health checks. Every visit to the groomer includes a check of your pet’s skin, coat, ears, and paws. Our expert groomers are trained to spot signs of any health problems before they have a chance to cause concern.

Paw health. Canine nails grow constantly, and unless they’re clipped they can get uncomfortable as well as cause joint problems. Let our team quickly and accurately clip or file your pet’s nails to keep their paws and posture in tip-top shape.