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Doggie daycare is a truly special place for pups. Instead of being alone or bored at home all day, your dog enjoys all the exercise, socialization, and fresh air they deserve at Good Mojo Dog Manor. Our friendly and highly trained staff provide constant supervision, personal attention, and mental and physical stimulation for your dog in our indoor/outdoor daycare.

Dogs playing on a ramp at Good Mojo Dog Manor

Exciting Doggie Daycare at Good Mojo Dog Manor

  • Our secure and spacious outdoor play area is great for fun in the sun or rolling in the snow!
  • State-of-the-art turf covers our outdoor yards for dry, clean fun!
  • Temperature-controlled indoor playrooms with toys, play obstacles, and beds
  • Comprehensive staff training on off-leash play, pet first aid and CPR
  • Clean and healthy facility with daily sanitation and vet-strength cleaning protocols
  • We have one of the safest staff-to-dogs ratios in the area
  • Splash pools and shaded areas for staying cool on hot days
  • Fun play equipment, toys, and even gravy-flavored bubbles
  • 24-hour play area webcams so you can see all the fun live
  • Enjoy all the fun of our daycare program for as low as $29.95 per day!

Benefits of Daycare

Reduces unwanted behaviors. Most of the common challenging canine habits stem from boredom or loneliness. Does your dog tend to chew on your shoes, dig up your yard, or spend the day barking? Just like humans, dogs need to keep an active mind and body to stay stimulated and content. Our dog daycare is the perfect environment for dogs to play, make friends, and have fun in a safe and supervised place.

Keeps dogs exercised. The most common illness in dogs is obesity. A major reason for this is so many dogs don’t get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. By simply dropping your dog off at Good Mojo Dog Manor, you can be sure they’re getting all the playtime, engagement, and fun to be fully satisfied and exercised.

Promotes social skills. Many dogs crave the companionship of their fellow canines, and doggie daycare is the ideal environment to meet other friendly pups. Our social play program allows dogs to improve their social skills, build better confidence, and make plenty of new friends in a positive place.

Safer than the alternatives. Pet sitters and dog parks present uncontrolled situations with too many unknown factors. With doggie daycare, you can rest assured your pet is playing in a safe and supervised place with other friendly, vaccinated dogs and attentive human caregivers. No need to open your home to strangers or worry about them walking your dog on a busy street.

Dogs playing on a ramp at Good Mojo Dog Manor