Cage Free Dog Boarding with Award-Winning Care

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We’re the perfect choice for pet parents who want their dogs playing and engaged while they’re on vacation. Dogs staying with us overnight spend their days having fun in our award-winning daycare groups with their furry friends. At night, they sleep comfortably either cage-free with their doggie friends or in a spacious private suite, subject to availability.

What Makes Good Mojo Dog Manor a Special Place for Dogs?

  • Our loving and passionate caregivers supervise, pamper, and tend to all our furry guests.
  • The social environment at Good Mojo Dog Manor provides fun, flexibility, and comfort for dogs of all ages. It’s a safe place for pets to have fun and be themselves while they make friends (canine and human!), explore our indoor/outdoor play areas, and get plenty of restful sleep at night. We even have treat parties every day!
  • Our facility is fully climate-controlled and protected by advanced security systems. Plus, we have veterinary-strength cleaning protocols for the most comfortable and healthiest environment.
  • Our outdoor play yards have state-of-the-art turf designed especially for canines. This mud-free surface ultra-clean and soft on your pet’s paws and joints.
  • Staff members are highly trained, including in pet first aid and CPR. Ongoing education programs keep our staff members updated, practiced, and informed on industry-leading protocols and techniques.
  • The stimulating play environment at Good Mojo Dog Manor includes lots of fun play equipment, toys, gravy-flavored bubble machines, and even splash pools. Of course, we also have TVs for the familiar sounds and sights they’re used to in your living room!
  • Check in on your pet’s fun time at any point with our 24-hour live webcams. See all the wagging tails and happy faces for yourself!
  • Your dog’s fun-filled, cage-free overnight stay starts at only $59.95 per night!
Cute dog playing in a pool at Good Mojo Dog Manor

Award-Winning Training

Good Mojo Dog Manor’s Stay & Train program is a dynamic dog training solution customized for your individual goals and challenges. Like an action-packed training camp, Stay & Train includes all the amenities and fun of a lodging stay plus daily one-on-one training sessions with our professional dog trainers. Call us today to schedule a FREE training evaluation!

  • Comfortable and cage-free overnight lodging or your choice of a private suite.
  • Daily activity sessions with other pups or with a caregiver
  • Personalized training sessions every day.
  • Lots of human attention and TLC.
  • Take-home exercises and phone support after the program ends

Activities & Treats

Pet parents can enhance and customize their pet’s stay with tasty treats or private, customized play. Treat your pup to one-on-one playtimes or cuddle sessions with a caregiver, private games of fetch, or one of our savory snacks prepared in-house. Call today to find out more!

Dog Boarding FAQ

Dog with party hat at Good Mojo Dog Manor
Will my dog be around unfriendly dogs?

Only friendly, happy dogs here! Every new visitor goes through a comprehensive group play evaluation to ensure this social environment is the right fit for them. We carefully select groups by size, play style, and energy level to ensure your pup makes friends with the best playmates.

Should I bring food or bedding?

We recommend bringing your pet’s usual diet, bagged and labeled per serving. However, we have a high-quality pet food available for no extra charge.

Good Mojo Dog Manor has plenty of bedding and sleeping options to choose from. Your pup has their choice of dog beds, rooms, blankets, cots, or they can cuddle up with a caregiver on a human bed.

What safety features do you have in place?

Safety is our specialty at Good Mojo Dog Manor—even more so than fun! We ensure a healthy and safe environment with advanced climate control and security systems, vet-strength cleaning protocols, and ongoing staff training including pet first aid and CPR. Outdoor play areas are fully fenced and gated, with 24-hour security throughout the facility and yards.

I don’t think my dog would like cage free boarding. Can he still come?

Of course! Your dog will enjoy playing in our award-winning daycare during the day, then cozy up in a private suite at bedtime. We’ll provide attentive care, regular potty breaks, and all the comforts of home.

What are your vaccination requirements?

To ensure the well-being of all of our guests, every dog needs to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. Good Mojo Dog Manor is a place for dogs to interact and make friends with other healthy dogs in a safe, protected atmosphere.